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Reroy Cables Limited a subsidiary of Reroy Group was incorporated on the 20th April 1992 and commenced business as an importer and distributor of Electrical Cables and Accessories.

The company commissioned its first manufacturing facility for production of domestic wiring and power distribution cables in 1995.

Reroy Cable is a leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper and aluminum cables for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets.

Each day we’re building business momentum developing ideas into innovative solutions and industry-leading products, expanding geographic access in bringing Power to our clients.

As one of the largest cable manufacturers in the country, With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Reroy Cable and its subsidiaries are constantly expanding their product range to enhance its position as a major supplier of power and telecommunication cables to local industries and increase its prominence abroad.

Reroy prides itself on delivering high standards in products and service quality. Furthermore, as  the success of a company always depends on the knowledge and quality, cooperation and  motivation of all its employees, we invest heavily in the development of our staff.

 Vision Statement

  • To be a global innovative and high quality value-creating company mainly based on Electrical Cables with leading niche market positions in selected international markets.
  • Provide a professional and inspiring working environment for employees, where an entrepreneurial spirit is essential for:

–          Creating value and solutions for customers

–          Continuous improvement

–          Profitable mutual growth

  • To provide attractive investment for stakeholders

 Mission Statement

Reroy Cable is a Cable and Conductors manufacturing Company dedicated at offering superior quality, moderately priced cables and Conductors using efficient Technology. We view our selves as partners with our customers, our employees and our environment adhering to best Industry Practice.

We aim to become a Global recognized brand name, capitalizing on our expertise in the domestic and Sub African Market.

Our Goal is moderate growth, annual profitability and quality product service that delight everyone we serve.


Bringing Power to your world


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe the underlying motive for our activities:

–          Creating value and solutions for customers.

–          Continuous improvement.

–          Profitable mutual growth

–          Provide a professional and inspiring working environment for employees